Thursday, June 18, 2009

LIFE pt 2

lupe nak upload kat cni
another amateur

The freezing hands are now warmed with tender,
and the memories will embrace the cold hearts forever,
with birds serenade the song that may decipher,
after rains pour the lullaby of cheer.

Of 2 years here were sometimes depressing,
whine, grieve and whim,
were among the colors that we paint,
when what we want were just to fit in,
and crybaby survived to sing

The sedentary dreams now live,
to feel the chance of victory at least,
with solitude fates passes in phase,
for us to grow hope and begin to believe.

Regardless in Europe, India, States or land of the moo,
may happiness fill your each day through and through,
for you are my friend, and will forever do.