Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the past - almost forgotten

Bismillah... Assalamualaikum kengkawan...(mood ceria)

dlm menjalani hidup harian kat library yg hingar-bingar ini(mengasah bahasa melayu),
tetibe, terdetik di hati..


da lame tak bace..
esp bace reramai cm time mude mudi zaman belia yang tak matured..
dulu esp sekolah agama, mesti bace reramai..time da abes sekolah petang2, smbil turun tangga..
pastu, bile da masuk sekolah menengah, tak bace da...bace Yassin jer every selase..(ingtkah budak SMDAM akan habit ini?, heee)

so, meh kiter ingat2 balek
refresh2 balek..
yg lupe tu, hafal2 balek..
yang tersekat tu, lancar2 balek..
bait2 ayat...khatamul Quran..

ALLAH rahmati kami dengan Al-Quran
Jadikan ia pimpinan, cahaya, petunjuk dan rahmat
Allah ingatkan kami, apa yang terlupa,
ajarkanlah, ajarkanlah yang tak diketahui
rezekikan kami membacanya,
siang, dan malam, siang dan malam, sepanjang siang dan malam
Jadikan ia perisai kami..
Ya Rabbal Alamin..

sedeh la plak hayati bait2 dye..
same2 kiter mengambil pengajaran.....
jom bace Quran reramai~~~~


Ayat Hari Ini
nak kongsi separuh bait ayat ni...

"Pada Hari ini telah Aku sempurnakan agamamu untukmu, dan telah aku cukupkan nikmat-Ku bagimu dan telah aku redha Islam sebagai agamamu." [5:3]
sementara Dia masih memberi kita peluang untuk berada atas Siratul Mustaqim ni,
gunakanlah peluang ini sebaik mungkin..
jangan kiter menyesal di akhir nanti...  insyaALLAH

Monday, February 15, 2010

pain and strength

Assalamualaikum dunia...

everything went as normal as it can be.
.classes, midterm, friends, library hours..
when suddenly.. i clicked on izyan's new post..
just to find out bout you.

you had me
out of empathy and sympathy
not for your pain
but for your strength
for your spirit
for your inspiration
and might as well be
for your journey towards Him

reading your posts
learning your words
understanding your conditions
absorbing your fights
hit me hard on my head and heart
for Fatin
stop criticizing
end the crying
and begin to believe
to hope
to berserah to Him

for to you
I pray hard...while hoping others who read this too,
will pray for you
for your health
for your spirit
for your battle
asking Him to put the best interest on you.

"Ya Allah, gives Your greatest power to our friend, Mas Afzal, showers Your everlasting love to him, shadows him under Your undivided protective clouds, place his spirit and soul in the fighting field, for everything You give to us is none but what we could bear, for all things You test us is nothing but to show us Your love, and to forgive our sin, for You are the one and only You" Ameen.

No affliction befalls in the earth, by way of drought [for example], or in yourselves, such as illness, or the loss of a child, but it is in a Book, meaning, the Preserved Tablet (al-lawh al-mahfūz), before We bring it about, [before] We create it — the same is said [to be true] of [God’s] graces — that is indeed easy for God. [57:22]

dont give up my friend
for He's with you
and will forever do.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Here I am


I wrote this few months back..on Oct kot, da lupe..
thought that it wasn't good enough to be shared..
giving everyone a piece of my heart..

Here I Am

The smiling faces that wrapped my beating heart
Their warm hugs, soothed my freezing soul
For those very moment
I’ve waited before things fall apart
And I’ve kept it treasured before they were lowed

Those quivering feet
Trying to scamper from the truth of life
As it is filled with hatred and alienation in every second
Though all left is empty decoration
Love You
I cherish You forever
For that's one thing that keeps us together

Here I am
Walking in the darkness of night
Running to the brightest of light
In the quest of happiness and security
As it keeps me on the ground
for eternity.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do..
Sesungguhnya, setiap ape yg kita lakukan adalah untuk Dia..
InsyaAllah, be with Him and He'll bear with you forever...


Sunday, February 7, 2010

save her Ya Allah

Ya Allah...
save her ya Allah...
give her Your strength ya Rahman..
make her a survivor ya Rahim..
for she is a dear to us ya Allah..
bring her the best on what you've set ya Aziz..
for each second that i'm praying Ya Karim,
is meant for her to be strong..
for her to hang on...
for her to come back to us..

Hanisah sayang...
dont give up sayang...
hang on ...
put your strongest effort my love..
know that we all behind you...
know that we all love you..
know that we all care bout you...
i heart you more than anything dear...
dont give up just yet...

to my sisters and brothers..
pray hard guys
be strong
unite like we always have been before
put a positive mind
know that we have each other
watching for each other
for we meant the world for each other
..uhibbukum fillah..
lets just pray