Friday, September 18, 2009

family comes first..of all means, all the time....

sebab da nak raye, tp x nak wish raye lagi...
tibe2...teringat memory pagi2 raye..
esp yg kat my house...
i'm gonna first my first one in 20 years....
bot regretting but terkilan....
for my family, you guys should know that there's nothing that i would trade you guys with... n i would trade anything to have another one moment will all of you..
MISS MY much...

ok, so, as i've never wrote a post on, quite a detail one...=]
meet my family....

huhuhu...miss korg sgt2...n then...
my uncle n still x la..hehehehe..
che jah, che je, pok min, pok me, ayah le, che jun, che ji, che la, sumah! fa rindu rindu rindu nih...hehehee

btw, one moment to arwah ayah love-life...heee causins...syg korg sgt2....rindu2... prepare adiah untuk sy nok balik next year yer...pastu kiter gi jalam2...jgn kansel2 da...kene jadi......
kak long..kak wani...kak ya...along...n saya...we're the perfect team...

rindu2....semue org pon sy rindu..

pastu...dtgla kanak2 yg memeriahkan raye...rindu
paling rindu....kat muyie bochia..waaaaa rindu smua org..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Asilah Amran

asilah sayang, selamat hari lahir ke 20....da tua da kau..=]
aku doakan you'll be blessed by him, always...
we're 15 hours drive apart, so, there's nothing much i can do to celebrate hari ko transform from baby asilah ke gadis manis asilah...=P
so, i remembered you requested a poem for you..
here it goes..
(btw, sorry x best aku wat ikhlas tuk kau..=])

The beautiful past memories are embracing both worlds
With bliss and happiness swathe the two distance souls
For we’ve known the serenade that the other’s hold
To keep us tight while holding onto the world of our own.

Right now, somewhere, for I’ve known you’re in pain
And all I could offer is a paper of love for you to paint
Cause everything I wish for is you to smile again

As the world keeps spinning around,
Seek for the one moment to compose the sparkling sound,
To be kept, cherished and treasured,
For us to always remember,
That along the road that we travelled,
We’ve met the blue sky high; dark unravel ocean.

Thanks to you
I thank you forever
As you, is a gift to me
To ride this secret journey
Until the light shines our hearts,
Never we’ll ever be apart,
Like a melody and harmony in love.

Nor Asilah Amran,
Happy 20th birthday... have a great eid fitr cause we deserve it more than anything..=]
sayang ko...hope you know..

lots of love,


Selamat Hari Raye Aidilfitri kat korg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sesungguh hati kitorg kat sni rindu kat korg....
mintak maaf ampun hujung rambut hujung kaki atas salah silap, terksar bahase, action sini sane...sorry sessangat...even though you guys arent here in the States, you guys are here in our heart..
for we treasure you more than anyone else... We might be half war around the world's apart, tp aku harap, we'll stay as one, like we use to..
I pray for all of us to succeed in every single thing we do,
xkirela kat sni ke..
kat malaysia ke
uk ke...
prove them that we we really do can..
for we've tried and worked so hard to blow this off..
semoga korg sume have a great hari raye..
rayekan untuk kitorg sekali..
post2 la duit raye...biskut raye...
kitorg terima ngan tangan ngan mulut terbuka....
aku sayang korang.... dyorg sume pon syg korang...
see you guys when we have made it to the top!!

and hero kite, ABDUL AZIM ZAKARIAH

Kad raye ni kitorg buat khas untuk our other 3 pieces of heart yg ader kat Malaysia....


Sunday, September 13, 2009


there are several things i would really lyke to have nowadays...
after the 2 hours phone talk (yg tlh memanaskan telinga i) with cik hani...
baru sye sendiri sedar...
sy masih belum jumpe LEMON saye..
kat mane Lemon..
so... my top list would be LEMON...