Thursday, November 27, 2008


kiter x sedar yang ape yg kiter cakap kat org adalah refleksi diri kiter sendiri..

kiter x sedar yang perbuatan kiter boleh menyakiti org laen..bukan kah ini dosa..?

kiter ni bodoh dalam menilai seseorang...yang kiter tak kenal..or da lame kenal...

kiter ni jahil dalam ilmu agama... niat dihati ingin mendidik orang laen mengenai agama..namun tak sedar yang ditulis itu terkena batang hidung alhamdulillah..niat tu ade...

tapi kan...
kalau x buat judgement kat org lain x sah kan
kalau x kritik ape yang org lain buat x boleh kan
sebab kiter rase
ape yang kiter buat semua betul
ape yang kiter kate semua sah
ape yang kiter tules kenyataan

saya bercakap pasal diri sendiri.
jahilnya diri....

da da...
exam mood...
chaiyok to all ib students!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

beauty of life

It's all right to weep
In times when you feel like crying
But hey! Don't thrust yourself
If your tears run dry, try to grin
There see, you're already smiling.

There's insecurity in the future
But never surrender to its radiance
Possess the bravery, nail the barrier.

Things you've reached
Don't let it go
Or it will barely be a memory
And these cloudy times will just be debris.

Here you are,
Quivering in the darkness of the night
Save for you, you're not alone.

And day by day, every night, far and wide
Closely seize your small tender
If its only because of this sore fever
Destiny will comes around forever
Cause now the stories have just BEGIN.

fatin wahab, Nov 15, 1346

p/ first poem... comments are needed..=)

Monday, November 10, 2008

a Silent reality..

tomorrow my TOK presentation...
bile i scroll down my points...
i have this one thing to summarize..

pleasing yourself should comes along with NOT-OFFENDING others.

cakap senng..nak apply tu yg the hard part to all..
ingat balik banyak gler benda yg i did it for my own sake...
selfish me..
thousands apology to anyone that might terase hati or nak marah ke..
agama ckp , bile kiter sedar sesuatu yg kiter buat tu salah, sampaikan lah kepada org laen juga...agar dpt keberkatan daripada apa yg kite buat dan org laen yg tak sedar tu pun bley tersedar..
kepade sape2 out there yg still think the world revolve around korg jer..
lets change for the sake of others as well...
we might have the freedom of speech, freedom of actions...
tp everything has its own limits...
and those limit lines are as thin as our hair...
once we broke the line..forever will fall apart...
org akan slalu take us on the -ve side...

presentation esok...
gud luck to ME!!~