Monday, June 6, 2011

life value

a) have not update the blog for months..
b) soul-food program(s) attended these days? unchecked!
c) home cook meal and mom's love is 7 hours away
d) keeping up with usrah(s)? way way behind.... :(
z) whats new with your deen? OUTDATED!

am writing this post, in front of my new boss (internship in place, zzzz, -_-) with a tired mind, hands, eyes and everything i could feel tired with.
now I miss my life as student in States, with all those encouraging people surround, not in this tiny glass office that only gives me tons of cars passing by down below...*sigh*

is this what we call threshold izyan? cause if we do, this is my bottom-test threshold.

summer yg tak seindah yg dimimpi..
eeman mendatar, atau mungkin turun bergolek.

Islam yang bersemngat tinggi dibumi sana.
inilah cabaran hidup di M'sia.

aku kalah,
pada tuntutan dunia.

life value? ZERO.