Saturday, November 7, 2009

I miss him

i was in the library and suddenly, an old man fall from his seat.
my heart pounded so hard..i thought he had a heart attack or something similar..
i rushed to him and saw blood all over his left eyes..
he had cuts all over his face and hands..
seriously i dont know how he got the cuts when he only fall onto the carpet.
maybe he's old..
his skin is vulnerable...
i put some bandage and wiped his blood..
i saw some old cuts all over his hand, face, fingers..

when i returned to my seat. i was thinking..
he reminds me of him..
a man that i love and miss up until today..
its been 8 years and one month..
hope your soul is blessed there..

forever love and miss you,
my Tok Ayah..


hani said...

huishh..pkcik yg kite selalu jmp kt library tu ke?
sian dye..

fatiN wahaB said...

erk...pak cik mane yang..? hurm, first time aku jumpe dye...baek sgt...sian dye..
siap comment agi, 'you should be a nurse"/.
hahahaa.. xseswai2

@)--- MaSy|m said...

kak emi pon rindu Tok Ayoh... :'(

mieyra said...

babe, u should take medicine...
anwy,mne mg dpt bandaged 2??

fatiN said...

mintak from front desk...

kak emi..

mieyra said...

aft dat incident,penah jupo lg dop
dat old man??