Thursday, September 9, 2010

it is the heart~

it is the heart
that conquers the world..
that determines the actions..
that speaks the intentions..

it is the heart
that put man in misery
that placed man in history
that laughed at man for following..

but it is also the heart
that can bring peace
that can offer love and dignity
that can give what world really is

for it is the heart
that He really sees
it is the heart
that we only need

with the left pieces of Ramadhan that we have,
fix the heart, with the sincere desire;
cure the heart, with the honest and meaningful act to attire;
guard the heart, with the wording of Al-Quran, for it is for to preach...

as now the enemies of heart are waiting impatiently,
for the ties thats holding them to be free,
to create the battle that last eternity..

be just, even to the heart..
for its not ours to begin with.

for the heart is what we will be...
It is the heart....

jangan sampai dibacakan kepada kita,

....لهم قلوب لا يفقهون بها ....
"....mereka memiliki hati tapi tidak digunakan untuk memahami ayat-ayat ALLAH..."

Wahai hati, bersabarlah dengan dunia..

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