Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Asilah Amran

asilah sayang, selamat hari lahir ke 20....da tua da kau..=]
aku doakan you'll be blessed by him, always...
we're 15 hours drive apart, so, there's nothing much i can do to celebrate hari ko transform from baby asilah ke gadis manis asilah...=P
so, i remembered you requested a poem for you..
here it goes..
(btw, sorry x best aku wat ikhlas tuk kau..=])

The beautiful past memories are embracing both worlds
With bliss and happiness swathe the two distance souls
For we’ve known the serenade that the other’s hold
To keep us tight while holding onto the world of our own.

Right now, somewhere, for I’ve known you’re in pain
And all I could offer is a paper of love for you to paint
Cause everything I wish for is you to smile again

As the world keeps spinning around,
Seek for the one moment to compose the sparkling sound,
To be kept, cherished and treasured,
For us to always remember,
That along the road that we travelled,
We’ve met the blue sky high; dark unravel ocean.

Thanks to you
I thank you forever
As you, is a gift to me
To ride this secret journey
Until the light shines our hearts,
Never we’ll ever be apart,
Like a melody and harmony in love.

Nor Asilah Amran,
Happy 20th birthday... have a great eid fitr cause we deserve it more than anything..=]
sayang ko...hope you know..

lots of love,


Umisma said...

huhu, very touching....sob sob
I miss both of u girls ....take care
~auntie umi @ibu~

asilah ayu said...

huwaaa.. ni yg nangis ni.. wuwuuu thanks fatennn!! dah speechless sbb trharu huhu..miss u fatennn farhann..ak syg kau take care ye :) we'll c each other someday insyaAllah ;)

Mr enliGhtEnment.. said...

k2,bgus..nnt bleh r wat ak pny plak!!haha!

CaHaya said...

asilah ayu?

fatin, kakla add blog fatin kat kaklanye blog list.

fatiN wahaB said...

aunty umi :: i miss you both tooo!!!~

asilah :: nangis banyak ke..? alallalala....yeas! mission accomplish..hah~ take care too dear

amin :: ko kene beratur...ahhaa

kakla!~ set! nanti fa add kak la nyer

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