Monday, February 15, 2010

pain and strength

Assalamualaikum dunia...

everything went as normal as it can be.
.classes, midterm, friends, library hours..
when suddenly.. i clicked on izyan's new post..
just to find out bout you.

you had me
out of empathy and sympathy
not for your pain
but for your strength
for your spirit
for your inspiration
and might as well be
for your journey towards Him

reading your posts
learning your words
understanding your conditions
absorbing your fights
hit me hard on my head and heart
for Fatin
stop criticizing
end the crying
and begin to believe
to hope
to berserah to Him

for to you
I pray hard...while hoping others who read this too,
will pray for you
for your health
for your spirit
for your battle
asking Him to put the best interest on you.

"Ya Allah, gives Your greatest power to our friend, Mas Afzal, showers Your everlasting love to him, shadows him under Your undivided protective clouds, place his spirit and soul in the fighting field, for everything You give to us is none but what we could bear, for all things You test us is nothing but to show us Your love, and to forgive our sin, for You are the one and only You" Ameen.

No affliction befalls in the earth, by way of drought [for example], or in yourselves, such as illness, or the loss of a child, but it is in a Book, meaning, the Preserved Tablet (al-lawh al-mahfūz), before We bring it about, [before] We create it — the same is said [to be true] of [God’s] graces — that is indeed easy for God. [57:22]

dont give up my friend
for He's with you
and will forever do.

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