Thursday, February 11, 2010

Here I am


I wrote this few months back..on Oct kot, da lupe..
thought that it wasn't good enough to be shared..
giving everyone a piece of my heart..

Here I Am

The smiling faces that wrapped my beating heart
Their warm hugs, soothed my freezing soul
For those very moment
I’ve waited before things fall apart
And I’ve kept it treasured before they were lowed

Those quivering feet
Trying to scamper from the truth of life
As it is filled with hatred and alienation in every second
Though all left is empty decoration
Love You
I cherish You forever
For that's one thing that keeps us together

Here I am
Walking in the darkness of night
Running to the brightest of light
In the quest of happiness and security
As it keeps me on the ground
for eternity.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do..
Sesungguhnya, setiap ape yg kita lakukan adalah untuk Dia..
InsyaAllah, be with Him and He'll bear with you forever...


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