Thursday, January 1, 2009


The freezing hands are clinging onto the wounds of the past
Tears, moan, whine;
Turning against the true meaning of the story
For a cold heart, in the vein of yourselves
Melts with a warm hug, like a frost.

There will forever be sorrow and loneliness
With man endures searching for a sanctuary to mend
To front days into the room of happiness

Fates play
Even though it makes your heart ache
And a ray of light
May descend from darkness for us to grasp
To feel the fierce painful touch
To discern a persons warmth
As beautiful as it is miserable
For the great time is ephemeral.

We name this LIFE.

Fatin Wahab, Jan 2, 0033

my second poem. enjoy..


Anonymous said...


bie said...

a bit like life's brief candle..
tapi deeeeeepppppper...

Si Razini said...

ur not an amateur!
i was a lil touched. haha
keep up da good work

s.e said...

faten. aku xtau plak ko suke wat poem. next time blh buat yg enjoyable sket x? =D jgn la serious sgt

fatiN said...

anonymous:: thanks...=]

bie :: hahha!! life's brief candle.. tibe2 rase kecik agi..hahah f1 rite?

ezzat ::i am an amateur...hehehe thanks...=]

eiman :: erm..poem is written whenerver i'm facing express my feeling..ehehehe i'll try to do it when i'm extra happy...LOL...=P

mieyra said...

poem mg da smkn mntap nmpk....heheheheh
bt..r u facing a alot of probs now??
sumtime,da probs need to b share my
wut evr epen, njoy ur life!!!

gadis as31 yg manis :) said...

waaahhh,, hebat2.

somehow i felt suffocated reading the first half. like having darkness surrounding u and closing in on you at the same time it's scary.

wow. a good dark poem indeed.

the second half's more inspiring. sweet :)

keep up the good work, fa!

fatiN said...

mira :: arigato!!! biase 2 jer.. n dun worry dear..i'm not a keep-inside-for-myself-alone person
i share..with you at least..=]

gadis as31 yg manis@asilah :: i dun think it deserve a wow! a standing ovation is fine...hahahahah!! melebih2 la plak...
sorry if you felt suffocated.. thats my feeling at that particular time..
i'll work out...
thanks dear...
appreciate your comment..=]

Jason G said...

it's interesting that u used 'man' in "With man endures searching for a sanctuary to mend". not bad for a free-structure poem. i like poems that rhyme tho... much funner to read. u shud write a fun delightful poem nx time! looking forward to it.

fatiN said...

J:: thanks... x pandai la nak cari rhym.. imean.. 2 3 lines boley kot...hahha. my poem THAT dark eh.. i'll write sumting bright in future..=]